Marcus Olsson

Freelancing web developer based in Borås, Sweden.

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Stateless HTTP basic auth without the need for a database. For Laravel 5.
93 13
Discovered API-endpoints for the Google Wifi Router and OnHub
69 9
🔒Password protection (and encryption) for your laravel backups.
22 0
Just a small project where I demonstrate Flight together with php-activerecord and Twig
20 4
Implementation of the zxcvbn project by @dropbox for Laravel 5. Uses zxcvbn-php by @bjeavons.
16 4
Validator for Swedish personal identity numbers (personnummer).
15 1
Simple humans.txt routes and views for Laravel 5.
7 0
Set and retrieve the date and time when the last deployment of your Laravel-app occurred.
4 0
Block requests from specified IPs in Laravel 5.
4 0


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